Constructiv Creations

Unwinding the Mind

This week we would like to focus on ‘consistent ideas by unwinding the mind.” New ideas have always been the foundation on keeping every business alive so we must treat our body and minds with respect when creating a legacy. This is done by taking breaks between projects by unwinding and focusing on something much less strenuous; vacationing, reading, watching tv/movies, exercising, or deep diving into music. Sometimes we take on that frantic “must grind every day” or “team no sleep” mindset and completely forget that one of the most important parts of being productive effectively is giving our bodies time to recover. These days rest is considered indulgent, and most people (including us) feel guilty at the thought of taking a minute or day just to do nothing. We have embedded this sense of failure from peers and strangers when taking a break from our daily routine, which is wrong.  Resting envisions new possibilities to the world. Our world is ran by calm and collective mindsets that brings out new ideas consistently from technology, textile, science, construction and much more. We would be fooled to believe that our favorite brands have built an empire from sleepless minds.

Reading, walking, biking and any kind of mobility is just as productive as putting in countless hours into a project. Having the knowledge to realize that the birth of your five-star idea came from an act of relaxing/mobility will always keep you pushing forward. Feed the mind everyday with mini activities to keep it healthy and at the top of its game. Unwinding will always keep you dishing out new ideas to the world. And with a team of individuals on this level of yours, there is no limit to what you can conquer. Remember that resting never means quitting.

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