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Renting Your Entrepreneurship

A lot of entrepreneurs have been growing in the 21st century and that right there my friend’s is a wonderful sign for you to pursue your dream as soon as possible. But at the same time people are very quick to “rent their entrepreneurship” or in other words, put a ‘fancy’ title next to their name. First there’s ‘entrepreneurship’ and then there is successful entrepreneurship.’ In the beginning stage, focus heavily on getting your company to remain consistent on a daily basis and displaying the quality of your content to your audience. Rather than immediately calling yourself a CEO which isn’t going to make you famous overnight. Anyone can be a CEO, but not everybody can make their business last for eternity and that should be the first and last thing to worry about, than a decorative heading.

Allow yourself to have a title when your known nationwide, until then grind each given day and create the best ideas your imagination desires. More importantly our team believes a nickname generated by your audience is much more meaningful than a cliche term from the dictionary. So please remove that fancy term from your bids and focus on what really matters which is the ‘process’ and the ‘results’.  

Tortoise Wins the Race

“The tortoise always win’s the race.” - Gary Vee

This week we are focusing on why being the tortoise in the race is actually better than being the hare. This topic is very important in business terms because a lot of independent entrepreneurs focus on staying up-to-date with the entire fashion industry. Due to the tactic of being the hare, it gets very stressing and exhausting and when you don’t have a full team to help w/ ideas and insights. That’s why it is very important to take your time w/ everything and create your own wave to surf on.

Society always brought negativity to the tortoise when in reality it’s the exact opposite. Using your tome wisely brings out more creativity in your projects and always presents a better end-result thats more satisfying. This is the exact reason why the tortoise always wins the race because you are giving your full attention to the one thing that you are willing to get accomplished. Rather than rushing and trying to complete multiple task at once. So during your next project give yourself a sufficient amount of time for your deadline and begin taking your time to complete each task until the last checkpoint and compare your next project with your prior ones to see if the turnout is better.  

You cannot be Great, Comfortable

For any and everyone that wants to become successful in life, you cannot become wealthy being comfortable. The uncomfortable decisions are what separate you from being great and being subpar. Little do you know that when you choose to drive down the road that you aren’t aware of, you become blessed with opportunities that wouldn’t arise if you continued to stay on the same track as before. Better yet, you prepare yourself for challenges in the long— n—that will reward you for overcoming the outcome.

We must tune our mind to get out of our comfort zone. When we become to comfortable, we become complacent. When we become complacent, there’s no room for improvement. When reading a article by W.T. Hamilton he stated, “The Comfort Zone is a sly and convincing place; often the dream doesn’t even realize it has stopped there. There’s a warmth of security that’s abundant and wonderful. It always feels like it is where the dream is meant to be.” You don’t ever want the feeling of your dream being “meant to be” by having second thoughts about it. You want the feeling of believing that it’s going to come into fruition the more you work towards it. Continue to make your own memorable journey, document it, and take action towards it.  

Autonomy and Mastery

“The desire to get better and better at something that matters.” - Daniel Pink

This week we are focusing on two influential words; Autonomy and Mastery. While listening to a Ted Talk podcast on ‘The Money Paradox‘ we believed this would be an excellent topic to share to our audience. Lets elaborate on autonomy to begin with. With autonomy, we have this urge to direct our own lives. Every single living human being wants to have the power to make their own schedule every 24 hours and not have to answer to anyone. That’s one of the biggest checkpoints in life. “It is the freedom to do anything you desire, without getting anyone’s; approval.” We all have those dreams of working for ourselves, but only the hardworking/risk-taking individuals get this far.

Next up is mastery and this noun represents the “desire to get better and better at something that matters.” We must all start at the bottom of the pyramid and master our skill-set before we reach the top. Becoming a master at your dream will not only make work more enjoyable for you, but it will display the quality and professionalism that will stand out amongst others.

Do everything for your audience because at the end of the day, they’re the ones supporting your business. Now keep these two influential words throughout your productive activities
and showcase it in your work.  

Action Kills Anxiety

When we hear “action kills anxiety’ we take a pause for a moment, look up to the sky and think…sounds so simple right? But not really. This three-word statement can change the way you think about life, better yet entrepreneurship. See action is the second step we must do after our ideas pops up in our mind and the reason most ideas don‘t come into fruition is because of hundreds of thoughts of where to begin. Understand that there isn’t a step-by-step action we must follow. Wherever you begin is always one step closer to bringing your imagination to life so don’t overthink yourselves.

Mr. Gary Vee states, “fear is when you give yourself to much time to think.” Overthinking can cause you to lose everything you want to go after. Our mind is so powerful that most people take it for granted. We must control our brain into a positive mindset and rewire it to have yourself believing that impossible ain’t impossible at all. THINK ABOUT NOW AND NOT FIVE YEARS FROM NOW! Thinking is our most creating tool, so please use it wisely. And always remember that without action you will never learn how to be successful in life. So go out there and get it!     

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