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“There are no gatekeepers anymore. The only gatekeeper is for you to get my attention.” - Tom Bilyeu 

This week we are focusing on the term ‘gatekeeper’ and to highlight, this word means ‘a person or thing that controls access to something.’ Now when watching an interview by Tom Bilyeu, he powerfully states, “There are no gatekeepers anymore. The only gatekeeper is for you to get my attention.” This sentence resonates profoundly because a lot of individuals don’t commit to their dream or take calculated risk due to believing that, (A.) They can’t live up to the circumstances or (B.) They think that nobody will see their vision. The only person that is stopping you from doing anything in life is yourself. 

 We are our own gatekeepers…if we allow it. To gain people’s attention, we have to show our talents through social media, events, or gatherings. No one man/woman can stop us. Only the misuse of the mind can set us back because that is the most powerful tool in humanity. We live in a society where gatekeepers are scarce. There are many platforms that give us a voice, it’s up to you how you will use them.  

Crowd vs. Authenticity

“A crowd doesn’t mean you have a committed core.” - Pastor John Gray

These days individuals would prefer to have a crowd immediately by taking shortcuts, rather than proceeding towards the long route of building a solid foundation of followers willing to support both you and your business. Just because you have a crowd surrounding you doesn’t mean they’re willing to invest in your vision. While overhearing John gray being interviewed by Lewis Howes, he states, “A crowd doesn’t mean you have a committed core. You can draw crowds with prizes and things but if you want something that’s’healthy and organic then let it grow naturally,” Your crowd will be there for you when the sun is out but not when it rains: Your devoted clients, friends, team and family will support you when you need it most and that is when your peers are most important. 

Always remember to be authentic towards your craft and peers by bringing quality and craftsmanship to the table. Plan to be in your field for eternity and create a solid atmosphere of loyalty to all your customers. By setting this strategy early within your business, there’s no stopping your progress and you will forever have a strong clientele pushing your empire forward.  

The Secret of Living is Giving

“When you have nothing is when you need to give.” - Tony Robbins

While watching an extraordinary interview covering Tony Robbins, he mentions a memorable statement that shall last in any viewers mind forever. He states, “When you have nothing is when you need to give.” In other words you receive more than you give when giving in a purpose of gratitude and not looking for an exchange in return. Better yet, giving is receiving. When we give, (knowledge, currency, physical items, presence, work) we give in a way that will benefit the opposing party in a authentic manner that results in happiness. We must understand to be less selfish and more altruistic.

As we build and improve our business, we shall give our new and current customers something special. Whether its early access to a new idea, discount codes, thank-you letter’s, free events, etc…, treat everyone like you would want to be treated and put a smile on everyone’s face. Remember when you give more, the more happier you become.  

Passion vs. Obsession

“If no one thinks your crazy, your not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential - Brendon Burchard

The cliché saying, “follow your passion” or “live with passion” is so overly saturated that it’s taken for granted because it‘s so easy to do and always used in a positive tone. You don’t have to worry about peers thinking that you’ve changed or family not understanding your vision. Whereas having an obsession…your viewed as an outsider because you isolate yourself from everyone and everything to receive the outcome your proud of. In other words you sacrifice a hell of a lot to get from point A to point Z.

See having an obsession is when you have tunnel vision and having tunnel vision keeps your mind on track to improve, learn and create. When Brendon Burchard talks about “…your not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential.” we have to understand that your obsession becomes so necessary that it connects with your identity because it is who you are.  

Value of your Income?

“You get paid in proportion to the difficulty that you solve.” - Tai Lopez

A lot of people wonder why they get paid the unsubstantial amount of money at their current job while not understanding the level of difficulty they are solving. We must understand that at entry-level positions, you are easily replaceable, which means you receive the lowest wages, which results to solving the easiest problems. The more you get promoted, the more difficult the task. Sadly, most people get comfortable and slave for decades to get to the highest position in a company and the moment they mess up they either get scolded or replaced in a heartbeat. That’s why you must understand that if you really want to become wealthy, become your own entrepreneur to solve tough tasks and move up on your own time. Then reward yourself by improving on your mistakes.

Don’t become ignorant to how the field of business work’s. A lot of companies focus on business first and employees second. Not recognizing their employees allow their business to run smoothly and without them there wouldn’t be any business at all. So always understand that, “You get paid in proportion to the difficulty that you solve.”  

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