Constructiv Creations

Instant Gratification

This week we are focusing on ‘instant gratification.’  To explain, instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment. Basically, it’s when you want it; and you want it now. This desire can be both inferior and superior. In today’s society social media has triggered our brains to reach success overnight due to seeing everyone else post positive-moments-only to their feed. And with this mindset of not understanding the hard-work and patience it took to get there, emotions of anxiety, impatience and self-doubt haunts people everyday. We must use this tool to our benefit by understanding how it can effect us emotionally and spiritually in both the proper and improper way. 

In business terms, instant gratification can be very superior. The ultimate way to give your audience instant gratification is to provide something now, but keep in mind once you begin to be in the ‘now’ you must continue to be in it forever. The anticipation gets real and if you aren’t able to deliver, then your status get’s questioned. Don’t allow these social applications to control your mind or you’ll end up hurting yourself and your legacy in the long run. Always make time to block out the world to allow yourself to grow gradually and maturely. Good luck!  

Fear Is Stronger Than Love

This week we are focusing on fear being much more substantial than love. And we can correlate this into entrepreneur terms with fear stopping individuals from taking their challenges head-on. Fear is manipulative and it destroys dreams and aspirations. In addition you are losing your self-control and being in control of your decisions in life is the most powerful tool that we have as human beings. Fear is very important when it comes to your surroundings. Without the proper like-minded people feeding you positivity and love into your ears, then you aren’t destined to build a legacy and reach your fullest potential. 

As we approach love, we want to narrow it down by showing love to our friends, family, and peers. Having the support system around you will keep the mind and spirit healthy to overcome all fears and have you reaching heights that you’ve never thought of. Love can be as equal, or even more powerful than fear, but our minds have been manipulated since childhood from family and friends who placed their worries upon us. Always remember that your in control of your life decisions and once that mindset settles in, no fear can prevent you from conquering anything. 


This week we would like everyone to focus solely on appreciation. When beginning to soar towards our dream, we can get caught up on what’s next! Meaning when we complete a challenging project or participate/host an event to showcase something new, the next day we tend to immediately put our successes in the past and place our vision on our next biggest accomplishment. As this consistency is always good for business purposes, it may not be so healthy for personal purposes. While watching a interview of J-Cole, he talk’s about how love is the balance for everything in life and we should appreciate it to the fullest. Appreciating family time, ourselves, checkpoints, relationships, connections…etc. All of those important moments will keep you healthy and keep everyone on a common ground.

Whether your creating something new for yourself or your customer’s, its always great to see that you put a smile on someone’s face. Appreciation elevates a new energy into your soul. Once you sit back and realize how far you’ve come and how your skillset/mindset has improved, it only pushes you to another level with satisfaction to overcome all challenges. So remember to archive those important memories to remind you that your destined to be great.  

Learning & Teaching

“Your never to old to learn and never be to young to teach.” - Les Brown

This week we are focused on never being to old to learn and never being to young to teach. As we grow, sometimes we feel stagnant while others are moving forward which can cause discouragement, anxiety and depression. But little do we know, we all have our own timezone, metaphorically speaking. To go more in depth, if you’ve just found your passion no matter what age you are at this moment, understand that your time is now and you are completely on track. If your an adult, that doesn’t mean the younger individuals are faster than you and if your young don’t believe the older people have more of an advantage than you. Learning is a forever tool, so don’t get fooled by thinking one person has all the answers. 

Everyone will become a teacher someday. Whether its teaching your kid’s rules or mentoring your peers towards the right path to success. However, in order to teach appropriately we must gather the proper information to feed the mind’s and have it live there forever. These two fundamental tools are our most powerful assets that should be used very carefully and everyday. Take care.  

Hate vs. Love

“We have to do the things we hate to reach the things we love.’ - Grant Cardone  

This week, we would like everyone to focus on getting through the things we hate to reach the things we desire. This doesn’t just boil down to getting through your 9-5 job while working even harder on your side business, it’s much more deeper than that. It has several meaning’s; getting past the bullshit life throws at you and stop all the complaining, outgrow the space that your currently in, discover the peers you want to grow with vs the ones you will outgrow, and allow yourself to put in the 10k+ hours to receive the knowledge and skillset you need to become successful. These tactics will put you in a driven mindset to conquer everything your going after while fate unfolds. 

Well touch on the two important factors. To begin, complaining is only leaving you stagnant. So before you waste all your breath and time you’ll never get back, deeply think for minute…shall I move forward and live with the result or get angry and play the blame game? Lastly, we MUST isolate ourselves from our friends, family, and peers to put in the hours of learning in order for us to TEACH. Really let that sink in, because when you teach, your giving and when you give, you receive so much more.  

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