Constructiv Creations


We need to take risk if we want to fulfill our true happiness…

Our focus this week is on taking “risk.” Growing up in our society, us as individuals often perceive the word risk as a negative connotation. This usually draws from our elders attempting their own risk in the past, but giving up easily because they didn’t have the verbal support from their peers to keep pushing. Also they didn’t have the opportunities that our generation has, so we must fully understand where they’ve came from.

More importantly, we should take the word risk as a positive meaning. By reaching our true happiness, we must think positive on our risk-taking and have faith towards each step. Risk-taking wont only benefit the career-path you’re already on, it may actually open you up to a world of possibilities you have yet to consider. So continue to strive for the things your heart desires and wake up every morning with a positive perspective!  


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Our focus this week is on “mindfulness.” In the state of this meditation, mindfulness helps our bodies perform in a healthy manner. This involves lower stress levels, becoming more physically relaxed with ourselves and peers, and in turn we benefit our circulatory system while increasing the amount of oxygen we absorb through our breathing. On the other hand, being mindful keeps us grounded to live in the moment and remove us from distractions that we constantly visualize throughout our day.

Mindfulness experiences are characterized by removing our ego, this then causes us to lose track of ourselves, completely stop overthinking and experience reality. As one individual has once said, “tomorrow is never promised,” so we must appreciate life and continue to strive for our greater purpose.

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