Constructiv Creations


“It’s not simply the ability to wait — it’s how we behave while were waiting.” — Joyce Meyer

Having patience is a main factor towards our journey on becoming successful. When we lack
patience, everything becomes disorganized and we get distracted from the bigger picture. In addition we begin to rush things and not be satisfied with the final outcome. On the other hand, if we gradually improve each day on our craft and retain our patience during the process, we will be thrilled about that same outcome being created into perfection. 

Patience is a Virtue because you don’t try to cut corners or do things in an unethical way; instead you patiently work things out, do what needs to be done, and make things happen, and the commitment is a testament to your ability to stay with what is right and what will bring you the results you want. This message is clear, not only to yourself, but to everyone around you who watches you exhibit the patience needed to make things turn out successful.  


“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and identifiable to others.” - Anna Wintour ’

Our focus this week is on ‘create’. It’s important that we must try to create something towards our goals and dreams everyday! This can be as little as a new concept created in the mind or as big as the physical / digital outcome for the final result.

While focusing on the noun, ‘creativity’, it’s a very important skill. The reason it’s important is due to everyone being themselves and thinking outside the box. No one has to follow in anyone else’s footsteps. We can create our own path and mark our own finish line while building checkpoints along the way. So it’s ideal that we use our brain to it’s fullest potential because it is such a power tool.


A change for the better… 

Our focus this week is on ‘change’. A lot of times our society take’s the word change as a negative outlook, but in reality it should be viewed in a postive way. We all should change for the better. Whether it’s for our family, friends, career, job, etc.. When we our changing for the greater good we are adapting to things that we want to strive for, so we shouldn’t let pessimistic people make us think otherwise. Don’t be afraid to experience different journeys throughout your lifetime because we all need to learn and grow. 

So all in all, change is the one thing in life you can count on. It’s a good thing. We are people under construction. Life lessons are learned through various channels. Experience is a great teacher, as is reason. Look forward to your life - change will be there.  


“Yes I know the process is so much stress, but it’s the progress that feels the best.” — “Lil’ Wayne”

Our focus this week is on the “process.” To make our dream a reality we must figure out a way within ourselves, to create a consistent process towards every next step. More importantly, we must take our milestones as micro achievements towards the bigger picture. I.O.M. uses the word “process” to make sure you all look back on how far you’ve came and how much hardwork you put in to get where you are today.

Lil’ Wayne ends his motivational verse with, “Cause I came from the projects straight to success and your next, so try, they can’t steal your pride that’s inside. Then find it and keep on grindin’, cause in every dark cloud there’s a silver lining, I know.” With that being said, don’t get discouraged during the process because the risk is all worth taking.  

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